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Enables crew to be teleported to nearby planets and vessels.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

Ship Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Number Available 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Icon Name Size PowerPowerIcon.png Consumption Stat Enhancement
TeleportIcon.png TLP 3x2 3 ScienceScienceIcon.png
Level Reload Time Upgrade Ship Level Required
1 7s 50K 1d 5
2 6.75s 100K 2d 6
3 6.5s 200K 3d 7
4 6.25s 400K 3d 7
5 6s 750K 4d 8
6 5.75s 1.6M 5d 9
7 5.5s 2M 6d 10
8 5.25s 2.1M 6d 10
9 5.125s 2.3M 1w 11


The Teleport is a 3x2 weapon room unlocked at level five. The Teleport allows crew to board an enemy ship and decimate enemy systems and crew. To teleport to the enemy ship, a crew member must be able to enter the Teleport room, and the room must be fully operational and charged. Once the crew member is inside the Teleport, just drag the crew member to the yellow arrow to switch the view to the enemy ship, then into a room on the enemy ship. This can also be done with crew AI commands targeting enemy rooms.


Teleport Mechanics

Since the Teleport is a 3x2 room, it can hold up to three defending crew members. A crew member counts as defending when he/she goes to the Teleport itself instead of targeting an enemy room. Defending crew act like normal crew members, and will attack enemy boarders, repair the room, etc.

A crew member counts as waiting when he/she has targeted an enemy room instead of the Teleport. Waiting crew members stack up in the middle of the Teleport and don't count toward the three defending crew limit. Waiting crew cannot repair the Teleport, fight off enemy boarders, or use their ability inside the Teleport unless they are changed to defending status by a manual or AI command to target the Teleport instead of an enemy room. Crew Abilities and Fire Damage will still damage waiting crew members, but normal enemy crew member attacks won't be able to hit waiting crew members.

Boarding Mechanics

One waiting crew member will be transported to the enemy ship when the Teleport reaches full charge. The Teleport must then reload before transporting another crew member. Shield Generators will not prevent crew from boarding. Crew members can be returned to their ship of origin with a manual dragging or AI command. The Teleport doesn't need to be fully charged nor powered for crew to be sent back, and the return transport doesn’t interrupt or reset the Teleport reload cycle.

Boarders currently in a room and waiting crew members targeting a room both contribute to the limit of friendly crew that can occupy a room, but are separate from the enemy crew room limits. For example, a 3x2 room contains three enemy crew, one friendly crew, and is targeted by three friendly crew members waiting to teleport. Two of the waiting crew will be transported to the room, while the third will be stuck waiting until a friendly crew dies or moves out of the room, opening one of the three spaces for friendly crew. While the stuck crew is waiting for a spot, any other crew waiting to teleport will also be blocked from doing so, even if their intended target has free space. The three enemy crew do not change the friendly crew limit. If the example room contains three enemy and two friendly crew, with one friendly crew waiting to teleport, the waiting crew will board as soon as the Teleport is charged, bringing the crew count to 3/3 for both sides.

Attacking Mechanics

All crew that target and enter an enemy room will have a 0.5 second delay time where they cannot perform any actions. After that, your crew member will automatically begin attacking powered rooms/crew once they are in their preferred room spot. The damage dealt can be reduced if the room has Armor or Modules protecting it. Also, Enemy AI will always go first when you're onboard their ship. So as an example, let's say both your crew member and the enemy crew member have a "None -> Use Special Power" AI command. The enemy crew member will always active their ability first.

Boarding crew will fill a typical enemy room in three positions from left to right, just like on their home ship. The order they fill the room is based on their seniority relative to each other rather than who gets there first. For this reason, a boarder may travel all the way to position 3 (rightmost) in the room before it starts to deal damage to enemy crew or systems. This is important to note because if there are any enemy crew stationed in the target room they will attack the boarder as soon as it enters, whereas the boarder won’t be able to return fire or damage systems until it reaches its assigned position. While it’s not really possible to plan around this, and it can be advantageous if the crew is assigned position 3 and enters the room from the right, it is still worth understanding how your boarders will take position on the enemy ship.


Crew members are the most important part for the Teleport. Good boarders and bad boarders can make or break the effectiveness of the Teleport in combat. Here is a little guide showing the types of crew members that are best for the Teleport.

Teleport Crew

Anti-Crew Crew

Poison Gasser (Good Against Teleport/Hangar) Critical Attackers (Good Against Tanky Defenders)

These boarders are vital when it comes to killing enemy defenders. All Crew with the abilities Poison Gas and Critical Attack are usually considered "Anti-Crew", but that doesn't mean they have to have the ability. Anti-Crew boarders usually target rooms with high crew concentrations. These rooms include the Fusion Reactor, Hangar, and especially the enemy Teleport. By activating their ability as soon as possible, they can damage or kill important enemy crew members.

Example AI

  • Target Room Has Enemy (or) None -> Target Enemy Teleport (or) Hangar (or) Reactor

Anti-Room Crew

Ultra Dismantle (Good Against Heavily Armored Rooms) System Hackers (EMP Rooms)

These boarders are usually used to take down important rooms like the Shield Generator quickly. Abilities like Ultra Dismantle and System Hack can be quite effective against rooms that require reloading to be used. A common strategy high-level players use involves using the Ultra Dismantle ability to instantly destroy the enemy Shield Generator, and as a result, taking down the enemy shield.

Example AI

  • None -> Target Enemy Shield (or) Cannon

Tanks/Healer Crew

First Aid (Against Massive HP) Constellation Crew Collection (Collection Buff Heals Crew)

These boarders are usually for clean up, or for rooms with lower crew concentrations. The First Aid boarder should have as much health as possible. This allows the boarder to tank enemy attacks and Abilities. This is great for high-level PvP, where many players have powerful Critical Attack defenders. Healer crew aren't very common and are usually used in conjunction with other boarders.

Example AI

  • Current HP < 25% -> Use Special Ability *IT'S VERY IMPORTANT TO HAVE THIS STRING OF AI*
  • Target Room Has Enemy (or) None -> Target Enemy Reactor (or) Laser (or) Cannon (or) Missile Room

Teleport Rushers

Rush Command (Instant Reload)

Most boarding strategies call for one or two of these crew manning the Teleport. A strong Rush Command Ability can be used to instantly send one to two boarders to the enemy ship at the start of the game. This is especially useful to take out the enemy Teleport before they send boarders of their own.

Example AI

  • Make Sure The Rushers Are Inside The Teleport At The Start Of The Game

Teleport Defenders

Critical Attackers (Good Against Enemy Boarders)

Placing one to two Anti-Crew Defenders in the Teleport is strongly recommended to protect from enemy Anti-Crew boarders, especially Poison Gassers. The Critical Attack ability instantly kills boarders before they can use their ability to kill all friendly crew members in the Teleport.

Example AI

  • Make Sure The Anti-Crew Defenders Are Inside The Teleport

Crew Interactions

The Teleport is buffed with the Science ScienceIcon.png stat on crew. The formula used with this stat can be found here.

Powered Rooms

Weapon Rooms

Laser Rooms: Mineral Mining LaserKias PhaserK BlasterPhoton PhaserPlasma DischargerParticle DischargerLaser BlasterPhoton DisruptorEMP CannonIon Cannon

Ballistic Rooms: BolterMinigunRailgun

Missile/DOA Rooms: Missile LauncherMulti Missile LauncherHangarTeleportSmall Weapons PlatformMedium Weapons Platform

Defensive Rooms

Defends Via Damage: Anti Craft LaserSecurity GateGas TrapZaki Tentacle GardenDisintegrator Gate

Defends Via Support: Shield GeneratorShield BatteryMed BayToiletAndroid StudioVisiri MechbayRadar

Defends Via Dodge: EngineFusion Drive EngineCloak Generator


Small ReactorFusion ReactorCoal Reactor